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  • Home page: A small showcase of our site. You can find an introduction to our activities, products featured, and a small gallery of images of our products.
  • Product catalog: All our products according to category. The page is divided into tabs, clicking on the name of every category you can browse through the products that are part of it. The last tab allows you to view all the products together.
    Product details: For the selected product from the previous page you can view photos and descriptions. Moreover, for each product are shown the sizes and colors available. Finally, by entering the desired amount you can proceed to purchase the product.
    Purchase: For the product selected in the previous phase shows a small summary of costs and a form to be filled with the data necessary for purchase (details of the purchaser and the recipient).
    Summary and order confirmation: Before confirming the order, is shown a summary of all data (data of the selected product, buyer and recipient), you can modify them in case of error and you can confirm the order once checked them.

  • Services: all our activities. Florist "La Primavera" offers many services, from online sales of products to the floral decorations for special occasions. Discover all our services.
  • Our Store: A brief description of our activities and some photos that show the passion with which we perform our daily work.
  • Contacts: How to contact and/or reach us. This page contains all our data (address, phone number, e-mail- etc...), the map from which to see the location of our shop and some useful information on how to reach us easily. Also, clicking on the link "Request Information" you can send an inquiry directly from our site.
  • Wedding flowers: The most special day of our lives. A gallery of images will show you the preparations we made for several of our customers. In addition, some details of this service.
  • Where we deliver: The list of towns where we deliver. This page shows the towns covered by the service delivery of our online store with the price of delivery.
  • Terms of sale: A summary of important information about the services we offer.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Some questions and answers prepared to clarify any doubt of our customers about how to purchase products and much more.
  • Payment: All methods of payment accepted for your purchases.
  • Privacy: How they treat your sensitive data.
  • Terms and Conditions: Terms and conditions of use of our site.
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